# Developer Documentation

# Development URLs

The test- URLs have been set up to provide a space for developers to test their schemas before submitting them to the live Library, and profiles to the live Index.

# Test Environment

Service URL
Index https://test-index.murmurations.network/v2/nodes (opens new window)
Library https://test-library.murmurations.network/v1/schemas (opens new window)
Schema CDN https://test-cdn.murmurations.network (opens new window)
Profile Generator https://test-profiles.murmurations.network (opens new window)
WordPress Map Aggregator https://wpagg.murmurations.network (opens new window)

# Live Environment

Service URL
Index https://index.murmurations.network/v2/nodes (opens new window)
Library https://library.murmurations.network/v1/schemas (opens new window)
Schema CDN https://cdn.murmurations.network (opens new window)
Profile Generator https://profiles.murmurations.network (opens new window)
WordPress Map Aggregator https://regen.murmurations.network (opens new window)