# General FAQs

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# What is the Murmurations Protocol?

The Murmurations Protocol, which we also just call Murmurations, is a standardised, open source set of rules designed to enable decentrlaised, interoperable, data sharing and aggregation. Murmurations uses existing standards including JSON-Schema (opens new window), Schema.org (opens new window), and RSS (opens new window) to help people, projects and organisations discover each other and share data across platforms and between networks. The ultimate aim of Murmurations is to accelerate the global transition to the regenerative economy (opens new window).

# Can you explain the terms you use?

See the common terms (opens new window) we use when working with Murmurations.

# How do I create a Murmurations profile?

Visit the Murmurations Profile Generator (opens new window) and follow the steps.

# How can I use Murmurations to create a map or directory or other type of aggregator?

See our guide for aggregators (opens new window)

# Are there any restrictions on what I can do with Murmurations?

Yes, to use Murmurations you must agree to the principles (opens new window).

# Why isn't my node showing up on the map?

# Isn't this just like...

# Solid

# ActivityPub

# Schema.org

# Are Murmurations profiles JSON-LD?

# Aren't you just building another map?

# My questions isn’t answered here – what can I do?

You can search and ask in the Forum (opens new window), and if you still have questions send us a message (opens new window) and we will reply and add the answer here.