# For Nodes: Put your project on the map

🚧 Work In Progress 🚧

There are three ways you can add your project or organisation to the Murmurations netowrk.

# Add via the Murmurations Profile Generator

For a quick (but centralized) approach, you can add a profile in the Murmurations Profile Generator (opens new window)(MPG). This is a centralized web app and data store that allows anyone to create a profile quickly and easily (even if they don't have a website).

# Get the Node plugin

If you have a website that runs Wordpress, you can [download the Murmurations Node] WP plugin. Once installed, this allows you to quickly and easily create a decentralized profile that stays on your own server. There are no extra logins or platforms to keep track of, because you can edit the profile right in the admin of your site!

# Host a JSON file yourself

If you have a bit of web tech experience, you can use the MPG to generate a JSON file, and then upload it to your own web location and tell the Murmurations index where it is with a quick POST request.