# Architecture

# Systems Design

# Requirements

  • Ensure adherence to a common data format
  • Prioritize decentralized storage solutions
    • Nodes would ideally host their own data in order to retain control of it, but hosting platforms can also provide this service (the Profile Generator provides such a service, which can be replicated by others).
    • Future enhancements could include leveraging IPFS (opens new window) to replicate data and distribute it across the Murmurations network of nodes and aggregators.
  • Make Murmurations accessible to the widest audience possible
    • Make sure user-facing apps are fast, and still functional even when operating under poor network conditions.
      • Leverage edge storage and computing whenever possible to keep data close to users.
    • Test user interfaces with screen readers and ensure best practices for accessibility.

# Technical Architecture

# Requirements

  • Must use open source software
    • We build on: Linux, Docker, Golang, JavaScript, React, Remix (opens new window) and Wordpress
    • All the software we build ourselves is open source under the GPLv3 License
  • Make deployment simple and reliable, and scalable
    • We use Kubernetes (opens new window) to build and manage our production and test environments
    • We have a continuous deployment pipeline for our test environment with automated end-to-end tests that are run for every PR and commit to our test branch
    • We leverage frontend deployment tools like Vercel (opens new window) to quickly deploy user-facing apps

# Systems Diagram

Murmurations Systems Diagram

Click here to open the diagram and zoom in