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Would you like to contribute to Murmurations? Great! Here are some things you can help with:

  • If you have experience with interoperable data, especially around mapping initiatives, your perspective would be useful in our technical advisory group.

  • If you have JavaScript programming experience, you might help us build out React-based interfaces and other portable interface components for Murmurations data.

  • If you have PHP and WordPress programming experience, you could help out with our Aggregator and Node WP plugins. Although WordPress is often not the most exciting ecosystem to be working in, we're tackling some interesting data abstraction problems with these plugins, so there are technical questions that go beyond the WordPress norm. Fun stuff! 🤘

  • If you know Golang (especially if this knowledge also touches Kubernetes, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch), we need you on our Murmurations Services team. This is the core architecture of Murmurations, and we're building it with performance and scale in mind.

  • Finally, if you're a data geek and have experience with ontologies and vocabularies, and are also open-minded about the pragmatic context of Murmurations, we're looking for you for our library review team. This still-nascent group is responsible for reviewing field and schema submissions and nudging the Murmurations ecosystem toward increasingly sound, reliable and interoperable data standards.

If anything above sounds of interest to you, please reach us at the contact form on We can't wait to hear from you!