# View Murmurations Data

# View the Map

# Watch the demo video (opens new window)

The Murmurations Map (opens new window) allows you to explore all of the Nodes in Murmurations that have geolocation coordinates associated with them.

Learn how to create custom map views

# Search the Index

Use the Index Explorer (opens new window) to search for Nodes in the Murmurations network based on a variety of criteria such as:

  • Schema name
  • User-defined tags
    • All or any tags entered (default is any)
    • Exact or fuzzy matching (default is fuzzy, to handle spelling variances, typos, etc.)
  • Authentic website address (primary_url)
  • Last update time
  • A distance in kilometers ("25km") or miles ("15mi")) from a specific geolocation (lat, lon, range)
  • Town/city (locality), state/province/county (region) and country (two letter ISO codes (opens new window))

# Using the API

The Index API enables you to programmatically fetch data using the GET /nodes (opens new window) endpoint. The search and filtering options are the same as with the Index Explorer search page described above.