# Environments

Check the status of the Murmurations environments on our status page:
https://status.murmurations.network/ (opens new window)

# Test Environment

The test- URLs have been set up to provide a space for developers to test their schemas before submitting them to the production Library, and profiles to the production Index.

Service URL
Index API https://test-index.murmurations.network/v2/nodes (opens new window)
Library API https://test-library.murmurations.network/v2/schemas (opens new window)
Library Repo https://github.com/MurmurationsNetwork/MurmurationsLibrary/tree/test (opens new window)
Murmurations Tools https://test-tools.murmurations.network (opens new window)
Murmurations Map https://test-map.murmurations.network (opens new window)

# Production Environment

Once you have tested things out in our test environment and you are ready to put real data in Murmurations, use the production URLs below.

Please note that only the Schemas approved by the Murmurations core team for production use are available through the Library API and repo.

Service URL
Index API https://index.murmurations.network/v2/nodes (opens new window)
Library API https://library.murmurations.network/v2/schemas (opens new window)
Library Repo https://github.com/MurmurationsNetwork/MurmurationsLibrary/tree/main (opens new window)
Murmurations Tools https://tools.murmurations.network (opens new window)
Murmurations Map https://map.murmurations.network (opens new window)